Posted by samantha hoshida on Jul 10, 2022
As we begin the 2022-2023 Rotary year, we look forward to renewed Rotary Fellowship as well as working alongside our community partners.  The last two years were a roadblock to our hands on volunteer work within our community. Volunteer projects that Point West Rotarians look forward to and excel at.  Our work with Shelter Box, International Clean Water projects and the Leadership partnership with Encina Preparatory High School are a vital part of our local work.   Globally, we assist organizations that provide help to victims of Human trafficking and domestic abuse, Global Grants that support numerous projects around the globe including clean water in 3rd world countries as well as Polio Plus.  Our history is seeded in “Service above Self”, but being a Rotarian is not just about the work we do, but also about the Rotary Fellowship, the fun we have together and community involvement.  
We invite you to join us Friday morning to see firsthand what we are about and how you to can become involved because we are Point West Rotary, the Best Damn Rotary club on the planet.